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Tele Health Services

In an effort to keep up with trend and meet client needs, On the Rox Counseling is working on developing tele therapy for clients that cannot make it to the office. This would also be for clients that are in Illinois, that don't live near Winfield and would still like to benefit from On the Rox Counseling Services.

This would be a service that clients could log on to with thier computer and see a counselor at a designated time for thier counseling or therapy session, but were unable to come to the office for services. This is a great help for new mothers or clients with disabilities where transportation is difficult to obtain. It also can be helpful for times when the weather becomes too dangerous to travel to session for the clients. Or when thier car is in the shop. There are all sorts of ways this technology can be used as a stop gap for services or as something permanent in some cases because of distance. 

Insurance companies and even Medicaid/Medicare are beginning to pay for these services on a regular basis. On the Rox Counseling has taken the time and expense to find a program that is HIPAA compliant, secure, confidential, and works with the system the agency already uses for notes, scheduling and other things. All things that are within the regulations for use of this services and in some ways, exceeding the regulations. Requirements are that clients must be residents of the state of Illinois to be clients of On the Rox Counseling PC. This is within the guidelines we are allotted at this time for this service.

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