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Professional Supervision Services

Supervision means a professional relationship between a supervisor and a social worker, in which, the supervisor provides evaluation and direction of the services provided by the social worker, to promote competent and ethical services, to clients through the continuing development of the social worker's knowledge, application of accepted professional social work knowledge skills and value. It is similar to that of a mentor-mentee relationship. On the Rox, provides LCSW, CADC, & MISA supervision for a fee. We are willing to do one-on-one or group supervision (when I have enough supervisees). One-on-One supervision is $35 per hour/session weekly or $70 for a 2 hour session biweekly, for LCSW supervision. Call for rates on CADC/MISA supervision or a combination of all three. 

My goal is not just to supervise you, but to give you a good footing for being an exceptional Social Worker or Addictions Counselor/Therapist. I don't believe in half measures when it comes to dealing with clients. They need us at our best, and we owe it to them to be as close to that as we can be. I am an approved via the Illinois NASW to provide Supervision to LCSWs (see approved list of NASW-IL LCSW Supervisors) and have been for several years. I am certified by IAODAPCA as an Advance CADC (been certified since 1996), which means I can provide supervision to all certifications under a CAADC. I was also one of the first 100-200 people in the state of Illinois to become MISA II certified. I was aware of the credential requirements prior to it being rolled out in 1999. I went to the first meeting in the state to learn about co-occurring disorders, also in 1999, where one person from every agency attended. Certified MISA II, in 2000. Now it's CODP II, because they changed the acronym this last couple years. I have 25 years + of experience, at the very least, you'll enjoy my stories.

Call Roxann at 630-503-7912 to start the process.

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