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Monica Ramirez MSW, Therapist

Monica completed her MSW in 2021.  She is working  at Camelot, attending Aurora University and this internship.  She also has 3 small children at home and a fiancée.  When does this women sleep?  Monica is a seasoned veteran of social services already with a couple years under her belt of experience working at Camelot. An agency that works in tandem with DCFS on cases with high risk cases throughout Northern Illinois and surrounding states. She works mostly with kids and families in crisis in her day job.  After graduation, she will be promoted to a Supervisory role at Camelot. We are super proud of her here at On the Rox. She has shown versatility in working with both Adults (women)  and Adolescents (girls) effectively as a clinician at On the Rox, integrating experiential work with other kinds of theories in her approach.   If you are interested in working with Monica, please call, (630) 920-3332, for an appointment. 

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