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Meet our Team Samuel, Addictions Counselor, Intake Cooridinator, and Adminstrative Manager  .

Sam came to us fresh from an internship for his BSW at Stepping Stones Treatment Program in Joliet, IL.  Where he worked with adults with addictions issues in Residential and Outpatient settings doing groups, assessments and one-on-one sessions.  He came to On the Rox Counseling as an Advance Standing MSW Intern.  Which means he has one year of classes to complete before receiving his MSW, in addition to this internship.   Sam has a natural talent for social work and is very easy to work with as a  mental health counselor for either sex (male or female).  He as also proven himself very effective with the adolescent girls (and some boys) he has worked along side this writer with in session.   He has been effective working with adolescent (girls), adults, and the GLBTQI+ populations. Call (630) 920-3332 to schedule with Sam for an appointment. 

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