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Because we are all curious

Quizzes for Alcohol & Drugs

Every one wants to know if the have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Understand that this is not a definitive answer to that question. It just gives you an idea that it may be a problem. It is best to make an appointment if you would like to have an screen. An screen will let you know if it is beginning to be problem or it is something where you definitely need help.

Mental Health Quizzes

People are always trying to figure out if they are "crazy". They ask me all the time if I think they are "crazy". I don't really think anyone is "crazy". I don't prescribe to that idea. To me if some one has a mental health issue, it is on a spectrum of severity from mild to severe. I know that doesn't make the answer any clearer. So I will give you guys these quizzes to take and if you can identify enough symptoms that worry you, set up an appointment. We can take a look at what that means.

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