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Group Counseling/Therapy Services 

The main principals behind group counseling is the idea that dealing with specific issues may cause isolation, and a feeling that one is alone in facing his or her problems. This form of counseling attempts to counteract isolation by assembling people with similar issues to enforce that difficulties are not singular to one person.

Additionally, knowing other people with similar troubles can be comforting to individuals who may not have access in their own family and friends to people with the same problem. On the Rox Counseling provides group counseling when there are enough group members to conduct a group. Insurance usually picks up the price of group services so there is generally no out of pocket fee. Call 630-503-7912 for more information about group services.

Early Intervention Sessions

Early Intervention sessions are primarily for adults that do not make criteria for Substance Use Disorder, however, have to complete an educational program due to an issue they were involved in at work, school, or some other agency. It consists of a pre-determined amount of sessions (pre-determined by another agency) that are very specific to what areas they want to the focus of the education. Areas covered would include; alcohol and other drugs use, abuse and dependence; effects on the body/brain, effects of continued use, effects on the family or others, look at consequences of use and any questions they might have about drugs or alcohol. Participants are provided with a letter describing thier participation and completion after fulfilling the assigned sessions. Insurance usually picks up the price of services. Call 630-503-7912 for more information about services.

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