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Time to face the change....Time may change me, but I can't change time

-David Bowie

On the Rox Counseling Moved from...…165 South Church Street, Winfield IL 60190 to ......…27W310 Roosevelt Road, Suite 103, Winfield IL 60190 on June 1st 2018

We had been at 165 Church for 4.5 years and we had grown to the point where we need more space. So we moved to a place that has more space so we can expand services.  

We have been very excited about our new office space at 27W310 Roosevelt. We have lots of light from outside windows (I have 3 windows), 3 offices and a waiting area. We have an awesome fish tank in the waiting area. It has shrimp and snails in it. I openly invite people to just come by to see the fish tank. It's a treasure. 

We are added Divorce Mediation to On the Rox Counseling and we have an on-site lawyer available to assist with issues that may arise for divorce mediation clients that need extra legal paperwork. In a sense, providing a one-stop-shop for divorce clients. Of course, On the Rox Counseling , does provide family or individual counseling for clients before and after a divorce situation, as needed.

We still provide outpatient services for people suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, as well as, recovery from addictive disorders or dual disorders. We recently launched a new computer system which allows our clients access to the schedule so they can cancel and reschedule appointments. They also receive text messages reminders of thier appointments. The clients seem to really enjoy the convince of the new system. Services are at the office primarily. However, we will go to people's homes if the person suffers from a physical illness that precludes them from traveling. We can also see people outside of our area now with this system, as long as they live in Illinois. We are working on a Tele Health program to come into thier homes through the computer and it's connected to our new system. We are hoping to launch in 2019.

Here at On the Rox Counseling we are trying to meet our client's needs and help them move forward in thier lives by providing them as many tools as we can to help them reach thier goals. The bottom line is that tools aren't everything, you need desire to make changes. If you have both, tools and desire, you can climb mountains. Make no mistake, we are not offering you a hand out, at On the Rox Counseling, we are offering you a hand up the mountain you want to climb. So let's plant a flag on that mountain today.

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