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Our First Year at 27W130 Roosevelt 2019

It's hard to believe we have been here a year on June 1st. The time went by very quickly. When we first moved in all we had was a desk and some chairs. Now we have a fully functioning office with a fish tank. It is truly amazing to me where we came from to where we are now and of course where we are going. In the last year , we gained a great computer system that the clients love. We have gained a fish tank that is very popular, especially with the teen crowed. Windows. I have gained 3 windows from where I was before I came here. I do love my windows. I have gained an extra person to work with me, Tony.

He started as a non-intern just a couple weeks ago. I have gained clients, more than I had at my last location. For that, I feel truly blessed. I had some losses this last year. Some clients passed away suddenly. Unfortunately, it is the nature of the work we do that some clients don't make it to the next year for a variety of different reasons. I pray for peace for thier families. There are also some clients that went back to thier old ways either using substances or other destructive behaviors. For them, I'm sorry that they were not ready to get better when I was ready to help them. The door is always open if they want to return. I did have some successes this year. A lot of my mental health clients are stable. I feel very blessed about that. Among my substance clients, which are mostly, co-occurring disorder clients, there is quite a bit of progress; I have 2 clients that have 9 months of sobriety each. Thier sobriety days are within days of each other. They are both going for a year. The year will be at the end of August. I am very proud of them. I have another gal, that has just completed 3 months of sobriety. She had never been able to do 3 consecutive months prior to that time with out being in structured treatment. She even got through her first vacation without using. She is going for 6 months. I believe she is going to make it this time. So proud of her. She will have it in July. I had a client celebrate 3 years (almost 4) of sobriety from prescription opiates. She re-start university to finish her bachelors degree with the goal of completing her masters degree in 2 years. Her first semester back, see got 1 B, and the rest As. Proud cannot describe the words to describe how awesome she is. She is an inspiration to us all.

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