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At On the Rox Counseling PC, we are focused on providing mental wellness ( health), substance use/addiction services, and Co-occurring Disorders with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We don't prescribe to a specific theory. If I had to identify it, I would say that it is thoughtful eclectic. Which means there is a purpose to what direction the therapy is going. Many time clients will say that they feel good or empowered after they have had a session. They would describe the session as "just talking". Our style is really more conversational than mechanical, like some therapists' presentation. This comes from an ease/comfort and understanding of theory and models that Roxann has imparted on her staff over the years. She likes to prepare her staff to be able to handle any situation with grace and calmness.

At On the Rox Counseling, you will be treated like a person, not a patient. By they way, they're kind of silly too. Because therapy shouldn't be a drag to go to, it should be educational, empowering and a little bit fun.

Our final assertion is that money should never stand in the way of a person getting mental wellness (health) and substance use/addictions services. Granted, we do need to get paid something to keep the lights on and the business running. However, if you have financial issues, we can work with you if you are looking for treatment services. If your not, well, it's hard to get very far in treatment if one person is not wanting to put an effort into getting better. We are very good at what we do, however, if a person is not willing to to the work, there isn't much you can do. And doing half measures will only get you half a result of any result.  You may or may not have caused the reason that you are where you are and that's okay. Sometimes bad and horrible things happen to people. That's not okay.  That's awful. However, You are responsible for getting yourself better. The person that hurt you is not going to help you with that usually and neither are those close to you.  That's why you come to us, you need professionals to help you gain prospective and direction. 

Why us?

On the Rox Counseling PC, is different from other practices because services are individualized to the client's needs. We believe that the client getting the services they need is the most important goal. Everything else is secondary.

Roxann Camparone, who established On the Rox Counseling PC, has worked in the field of social services for over 25 years. She holds an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Work), CAADC (Certified Advanced Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselor) and a CODP II (Co-Occurring Substance Use & Mental Health Disorder Professional II).  Soon to be Gambling Addiction  Counselor certified. As well as specializations in ; Gender Specific Services, Adolescent Treatment, Sexual Assault Advocacy, Domestic Violence Advocacy, GLBTQ+ services. 

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